Nepal Relief and Rebuilding Campaign

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As you know, Nepal suffered a 7.8 earthquake on Saturday, April 25th around noon. The situation in many parts of Nepal is dire. Many communities have received no aid at all. Most people are sleeping outside, too afraid to return to their homes as aftershocks continue to rock Kathmandu and communities nearby. Roads are blocked, cell phones are down, and electricity is limited. The death toll passed 5,000 today with over 7,000 injured.

Docey Lewis, our development partner in Nepal, has worked with Everest Art Paper (EAP) and other artisan based businesses and organizations in Nepal since 1996 and has found EAP's very practical and grassroots approach to be the most effective. When the earthquake struck, gratefully many people were outside and not asleep in their homes or at work, at least not among the Everest Art Paper (EAP) staff and employees. Our EAP partner, Lhakpa Sherpa, has been giving us twice daily reports via email and/or SKYPE.  EAP has approximately 200 staff and employees, as well as a large number (over 1000) of cottage industry suppliers all over Nepal.

The EAP OFFICE IS urgently seeking funds to facilitate:

  1. Providing relief assistance to artisans connected to EAP 
  2. Raising money to help staff and artisans repair and rebuild their homes

Vital Edge Aid has been our development partner from the beginning of our first efforts at community assistance in Nepal. With Robin Saidman as Executive Director, VITAL EDGE carries out targeted assistance mainly in Nepal and West Africa. Receiving support from INDIVIDUAL donors and the HUNTER DOUGLAS Charitable endowment, it has focused on the “FULL CIRCLE” project with leadership from 3-FORM and COLOR by AMBER. It also works with the “Magpies”, a private giving circle focusing on the Phaplu Project in Nepal and microsavings in West Africa, as well as on HandMade Water, a small scale filtration system to clean up artisan effluent. 

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