Landlocked desert
ISIS activity


Population in Millions


GDP per Person


Poverty below $1.90/day


Maternal Mortality/100k

Vital Edge has been active in Mali since 2006. The introduction of literacy training was facilitated by creating a Dogon writing textbook. Specifically developed fast growing seeds was followed by the introduction of a network of micro-savings groups and introduced a family health training and a special program to train and equip traditional birth attendants.

The market provides the focal point for commerce, news, and social interaction. Vital Edge has participated in market restoration projects as a way of revitalizing village communities

Aby Tembine belongs to a micro-savings group that enabled her to buy imple over-the-counter medicines (aspirin, etc.) in the town, and resell them individually to her neighbors in the village. Other women replicate this model with salt, rice, fabrics, clothing and other staples.