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Politically Stable


Population in Millions


GDP per Person


Poverty below $1.90/day


Maternal Mortality/100k


Malaria Mortality/100k


Female Literacy

Vital Edge has been active in Senegal since 2007. Projects include the introductionof peanut shelling machines, solar powered cell phone recharging, the introduction of organic cotton crops, the training of artisans on warping, weaving, dyeing, and the manufacture of goods, linking the artisans to markets. Since 2010 Vital Edge has expanded a network of micro-savings groups and introduced community market gardens.

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This micro-savings group meets every week. In addition to the financial benefits, the women receive education in the prevention of HIV/AIDS and Malaria.

Aissa Dione belongs to a micro-savings group that enabled her to share in the ownership of a “press” for extracting peanut oil and selling it in the local market.